Ajayi Reflection 1

This is my first assignment for multimedia and for the most part it went well. I was at first nervous to go out and take pictures but later on I realized how simple it was. I never used a high tech camera before in my life. For all I was concerned, my iPhone was all I needed. Now that I’m venturing off deeper into the field of journalism, I see why I have to break away from just knowing how to snap a good selfie. At first, trying to operate the camera was difficult for me. I could not figure out how to snap pictures for almost half the day. After playing around and getting more acquainted with my camera, I went out on campus and shot my assignment. A lot of my shots were related to U of I or nature in general. I had some random shots in my mix as well.

One thing I struggled with is timing. A lot of my shots are a bit longer than what they were supposed to do. I also had to reshoot some of my stills due to a tad bit blurriness. I also took several shots of one thing and then picked the best still/video. Overall, I think things went well.

For the future, I really want to explore parts of the campus I don’t venture off into as much. I want to truly break out my comfort zone in order to produce my best shots and videos. I want to just become very well rounded in every aspect of journalism including multimedia. By the end of this semester I’m hoping to have mastered the basics. Assignment one is the symbolization of my first step with familiarizing myself and bettering my skills.

Click here to view my first assignment.

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