Langhorne Reflection 1

My first camera experiment was a bit difficult for me. I discovered that my hand was not very steady but I did have some good ideas to shoot. I need more time with my tripod. I had to ask a lot of my peers questions but it did help me. I got to familiarize myself with who they were as well as get input. I did ask professor Collins a lot of questions but I tried to ask others first. I need to get better at editing and figuring out a better way to do transitions. I love dissolve. That feature kind of makes everything flow. I have not yet discovered if there are other features like that on adobe pr. but it’s so advanced I can bet there is. After watching my video on youtube I could tell it needed work. The shots were not terrible individually but collectively it could have been smoother. I am going to just do some shooting with my camera so I can get the feel of it. I think along with more practice on Adobe will help me precise my hand and improve my footage taking skills. I was a little stressed but it’s getting better.

My video can be found here.

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