Alicia Lee Assignment 1 Reflection

Assignment 1 is done and I am so happy to say that. Coming into class, putting in my memory card into the computer and seeing that it said the card was unreadable broke my heart. After a lot of taking it out and putting it back in, and talking to the professor, I realized that my fate was unchangeable and that I had to go out and retake my pictures. I went out onto the Quad, looked around, and freaked out a little. My pictures from before showed a variety of things because I was able to take them at different times and places. However, now I had to take the pictures all on the Quad and during the day.

Looking back at my video now, however, I feel that because I took all the pictures and videos on the Quad, the video carried somewhat of a theme throughout and the pictures and videos do not seem as random.

I realized through this assignment that taking a steady video is actually a very difficult task, even with a tripod. First of all, I had difficulties with my tripod because it would not tighten. I later realized that I had to spin the camera around the tripod like 100 times… After I got the camera on the tripod, moving it around with the joystick was difficult as well. The tripod must have not been well oiled or something because it would not move around smoothly. I tried to make the best out of the tripod, but you might see some choppiness and roughness within my videos.

I have experience with taking pictures before so that was that, but through this assignment I learned that video is not as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to zooming in and out. I learned that the speed of which I zoom in and out is very important. If it is to fast, it seems very unnatural and might give someone motion sickness (my video might do that, sorry). However, in the 30 minutes that was given to me, I was able to take all my pictures and videos.

I went back into the classroom, sat in my chair, and opened Adobe Premiere. From the little that I learned before I left the classroom, I was able to do about most everything. I have never edited a video before, but Adobe Premiere was very easy to use. With a little help from my neighbor, I was able to edit everything without any major problems.

Then, with the help of Professor Collins, I was able to save my video and upload it onto Youtube.

Even though from the beginning of class, I ran into a major problem, I was able to shoot, edit, and upload a video. I learned how to use the given equipment and how to successfully edit a video. It was definitely a necessary assignment to help us progress within this class.

Here is a link to my video.


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