Assignment 1:Monaco

The process of Assignment 1 is what I would associate with the inevitable“if something can go wrong-it will” mishaps Dr. Collins hit on in the JOUR 215 syllabus. The type of short-lived, think-fast, why me — and more specifically why now situations that keep us as journalists and students conscious and adaptable to the fundamental skills we really need to sharpen. It’s not your stature in familiarity with the technology, the uniqueness or thoughtfulness of your work; No, in fact, it’s not only our ability to ask great questions that will lead us to a successful journey, but our ability to find ourselves answers. As scary and overwhelming the thoughts of deadlines and remembering all the specific directives may be, I have continued time and time again to learn the importance of remaining calm and inventive during times of pressure and difficulty.

And to end, Carpe Diem classmates. The melange I managed to concoct, amongst my own difficulties.


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