Steven Bardwell Assignments 2 & 3 Reflection: Collins

Comedy at a Club near You

Campus Comedy Night at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois brought to the stage many local acts, which I was lucky enough to film and put together a multimedia event essay of the comical evening.

After finishing assignment one, I was feeling pretty confident with my camera and I was looking forward to telling a story with my photos and in assignments two and three.  At first I did not have much of an idea of what I was going to shoot, but one of my friends invited me to his stand-up comedy act at the Canopy Club and I knew this was the perfect opportunity.

Canopy, Assignment 2/3

Canopy, Assignment 2/3

 I headed over early so that I could get some good shots outside of the venue along with natural sounds of the people and traffic.  The employees were very friendly with allowing the use of my equipment to both record audio and video of the performers and venue.  The lighting was rather weak once the acts began to go, but I was still able to get great shots of them along with some of their material.

I took some extra shots so that I could choose which photos would best tell the story by themselves and which worked better with audio.  After choosing the best twelve stills that I thought represented the event, it was time to put them in sequence and add some transitions.  After working with Adobe Premiere for assignment one, I was pretty familiar with what I needed to do.  After adding the title slide and my transitions, my project was complete.  This assignment allowed for some more freedom with our camera and I had a lot of fun going out and shooting an actual event.

After finishing up with the photo essay, I went to work editing my audio picking out the best clips that I thought represented the comedy night.  I had never edited or worked audio into a photo story before, so I had a fun time picking which pieces should go where to tell the story.  After adding a few transitions I felt my story had finally fallen into place and successfully was able to recreate the feeling of being at a stand-up comedy routine at the Canopy Club.

Here is the final product of my Assignment Two.

Here is the photo essay, this time with natural sound from the event.

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