Jonen Assignment 2 and 3 Reflection

images    With being a sports person, I really wanted to shoot the football game on Saturday because I had some great shot ideas. Unfortunately I had to work the game instead so I had to go to Plan B for Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 which was the ARC. The ARC was actually a really interesting place to shoot because there’s always so much going on and a bunch of different story angles to take.

I went during the day when it wasn’t too crowded with pick up games or exercise classes so I decided to just take a tour of the basement and upper level exercise equipment. My goal was to portray a story of the everyday exerciser. With the various equipment options, it was really easy to capture a variety of pictures.

Other than having my entire project delete after trying to export the first time, my biggest downfall was being too scared of getting in the way. If I wouldn’t have been passive I think I could’ve gotten better shots than I already have. However, towards the end of my shoot I was becoming more assertive and asked people if it was okay to photograph them during their workouts. My goal for the next assignment is to become less scared of interacting with people in order to get what I want. As always, I want to work to get better each and every project.




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  1. Gelman, Joseph David

    I really enjoyed your Assignments 2 and 3. Before you played your projects today, you mentioned that you wanted to give everyone a feel for what goes on inside the ARC, and I think you did that well. I really enjoyed the pictures and their composition, as they really told a story of first going into the ARC, displaying everything it has to offer, and then leaving. If I had never been to the ARC before, I would want to go now, if I was a workout aficionado.

    Starting with Assignment 2, two things stood out to me. The first photo that stood out to me was the image of the running track with the word “Run” written in the floor. It is those little things that can really make a project great. While many of us in the audience were probably familiar with associating a track with running, I really enjoyed that photo, and could feel the material of the track as if I were running on it. Even though we all know that I never go running. The second image I thought you took and presented well was the I-Card swipe at the beginning. While this seems like an everyday and easy task, you were able to capture it and turn it into an action shot, and show people something that they probably take for granted every day when using university facilities. I also enjoyed it because it was a tight shot, and it was able to zero in on a small but important task when entering the ARC. As Professor Collins mentioned in class, I would have liked to see a few more action shots of people working out in the gym. For example, you used a lot of pictures of equipment or running tracks, but we never saw a person running (besides the feet on the elliptical), or lifting weights etc. I feel as though that would have been a nice addition. Other than that, I enjoyed your Assignment 2.

    For assignment 3, I thought it was smart that you used almost entirely the same photos. I felt as though it created a clear story, so to be able to continue that into the next assignment was helpful for the viewer. The one thing I would suggest is to try to match up your natural sound with the specific pictures. I had the same issue in my project, where I focused a lot of my pictures on the football field, but used crowd noise. I thought the natural sound you had was of great quality and fit the theme of your project, but I would make sure to focus a little more on where the specific sounds occur. For example, you start off the presentation with an establishing shot of the lobby of the ARC, which is great. However, the sound behind that is of the basketball court, and we never saw a basketball court throughout the photo essay. Another example would be when you used the great picture of the “Run” track or the action shots of the elliptical. I would have loved to hear sounds of running as well as different sounds of the machinery within the ARC when we saw those pictures. The natural sound associated with the locker and the weights was great, so I would suggest taking the thought process you used for those, and implement that in your next project.

    One other quick thing that I enjoyed was the change in your transition when it went to the water fountain. Instead of a regular dissolve, you used an effect that almost looked like water droplets, which fit perfectly into your transition to an action shot of the water fountain.

    In all, I really enjoyed your Assignments 2 & 3. I would just make sure to check the placement of your natural sound as well as the addition of action shots.

    Great job!
    Joey Gelman

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