Get Up and Smell the… Cereal?

For Assignment #2, we were instructed to create a photo essay (without sound) of something we did during our day. After thinking long and hard about what the focus of my photo essay should be, I finally decided on one of the most difficult parts of my day – getting out of bed and beginning my day. I was able to capture running water in both my sink and in my shower, as well as making cereal and walking out my front door into the rain. I had fun shooting photos and my friends gave me ideas of different things to shoot during my morning routine.

When I put all my pictures together, I began to realize that my photo essay is not very exciting and does not have too much of a variety of shots. Looking back, I should have shot some different items at different angles.

While all the shots together are not too exciting, I do like some of the individual shots I took. The up-close shot of my bedroom doorknob is detailed, allowing viewers to see the wear on the knob itself, as well as the door. In this shot, I purposely included a bit of my towel, as foreshadowing of the next shot being the running shower. The shot of the running water in the sink was a successful shot, too, I think. I took it on a slight angle so the other sinks in the bathroom were visible, as well as the texture of the tile in the background. You are able to see water droplets around the sink itself, which makes the shot more detailed. In order to add some variety, I shot myself walking downstairs into the kitchen from the top of the stairs, as a high shot. I then proceeded to make cereal, which includes three pictures. IMG_0041The first picture is of the cereal in the bowl, allowing one to see the texture of it. The next photo is of milk being poured into the bowl, and the next is the bowl at the table with a spoon, with some of it already eaten. My favorite shot is the last one. This shot has a close-up textured shot of water droplets, as it was raining, and also includes a more far-away portion in which one can see the raindrops hitting puddles in the parking lot and on the steps. In this shot, the plant in the background is especially green in contrast with the gray and white steps, cars and ground.

Overall, I think Assignment 2 went well, though I could have taken more interesting photos that would flow together better. While taking my photos, I was more focused on documenting every step of my morning rather than focusing on making the photos flow and making the photos fun to look at. For my next project, I know now to focus more on the flow of the photos rather than on the accuracy of what I’m doing.

Check out my typical morning (without sound) here!

Assignment #3 added sound to our photo essay. Unfortunately, the sound I had previously “recorded” did not actually record, since I only pressed the “record” button once. This is a mistake I will never make again! After retracing my steps of my typical morning, I finally was able to put sound into my photo essay. The only sound bit I am missing is the rain at the end of my photo essay, which I believe would have contributed a lot to my essay. There was no rain when I wasn’t in class for me to record throughout the week.IMG_0045

After finally getting my sound and beginning to enter it into my project, I realized that editing sound is a bit more difficult than I imagined. I needed to pay extremely close attention to where exactly I wanted my sound to begin and end, which is much harder than editing video. Once I figured out a system, though, it became easier to focus and adjust the sound clips how I wanted them and to place them where appropriate.

Here is my ear-pleasing photo essay of my morning.

Overall, I am happy with the way my photo essay turned out. A few lessons for next time: make the photos more exciting! And do not forget to press “record” twice!

1 thought on “Get Up and Smell the… Cereal?

  1. Herren, Kendall L

    First, I think your introduction slide was really good. Most of us either left the background black, or just threw it on a picture, so I thought it was nice that you did something different. Secondly, I think you had some really good, diverse photos that varied between the W-M-T angles, so that was good. Third, I think your story followed a very good timeline and your audio matched the pictures very well, especially the bathroom scenes. I think the last picture could’ve been something different, maybe with a photo facing the parking lot.

    Overall, I think this was very well done and was a really good project; for both audio and non-audio.

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