Sights and Sounds of Fighting Illini Football

Taking an in-depth look at a game day of Fighting Illini Football

For Assignments 2 and 3, I decided to focus my photo essay on the Illinois vs. Western Kentucky Football game from September 6th. I felt as though a sporting event had a clear beginning, middle and end, and would be a great topic for a storytelling assignment. I was excited to get to capture some of the unique elements of a sporting event, and for Assignment 3, capture the natural sound within Memorial Stadium. While a beginning and end are pretty clear in sports stories, I found it interesting to focus on the middle, as that is where the unexpected can occur, and I feel as though I captured a good portion of it. Enjoy!

I just completed Assignments 2 and 3 and while they were enjoyable to do, they were a much tougher task than Assignment 1. I decided to focus my photo essay on the Illinois football game against Western Kentucky on September 6th. I felt as though I could really tell a good story, as there is a clear beginning, middle and end to a sporting event. However, the middle is what made it so interesting, as there are little nuances to sporting events, whether they are on the field or in the stadium, that you may only get to see and capture once. There are so many elements to a football game that go beyond the game itself, and I hope I captured some of those in the essay.

For Assignment 2, we were asked to strictly stick to photos without the addition of sound and a 12-photo limit. This really challenged me to try to find the best way to tell the story. I knew how the beginning and end were going to look, but the middle was the part that was unclear. However, I was able to pick and choose which elements were necessary to tell the story. For example, while it is important to include photos of in-game action, it is essential to get people entering the stadium, the bands, instruments and the true emotions within the stadium.

For Assignment 3, I took many of the same photos, but was able to add natural sound from the game to add an impactful element to the story. I tried to choose wisely for when and where to put specific sound. While I may have the band playing during in-game action instead of crowd noise, I feel as though that fits, as the band is as just an integral part of the game day atmosphere as the fans and play on the field are. This assignment also gave a little more freedom on length and the amount pictures required, allowing me to add more to the middle portion of the essay to tell the full story of the game.

These assignments challenged me in many ways. First, I took over 100 photos and at least for Assignment 2, I had to cut that down to 12 great photos. This was a time-consuming task and one I can learn from, but I wanted to be safe, as the cameras we have are sometimes a little more difficult to use than others when solely using them for photography. The audio aspect was not too bad, as I am pretty familiar with Adobe Audition for editing purposes. However, Adobe Premiere once again had a lot of technical issues forcing me to switch computers, transfer all of my work, change system preferences on the computers and re-export my project over 10 times. I am not saying this to complain, but to learn from, as you have to roll with the punches when it comes to technology, especially when you have deadlines. All and all, I feel as though I learned from this experience and I am getting better at using both the equipment and software, it just sometimes has a mind of its own. I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s projects.



Here are the links to watch Assignment 2 and Assignment 3

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  1. Jonen, Lauren Marie

    I think you had a lot of nice shots and I liked your variety between fans and players. I think it would’ve been nice to see some parts of the stadium too. For example, you could’ve taken a shot of the outside of memorial stadium or the concessions that they sell on the insides. I know Professor Collins commented on how you should’ve tried to get a better variety of sound which I agree with. However, since I’ve been to multiple games before I know it’s not easy to pick up on-field sound whatsoever! All in all, great job and I can’t wait to see what your projects in the future look like.

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