Alicia Lee Assignment 2 & 3: A Day at UofI

An Average Day of the Average Student







For assignment 2 and assignment 3, I decided to capture an average student’s day at UofI through picture and sound. After completing assignment 1 in such a rush, I wanted to do better on assignments 2 and 3. But after realizing that my life was pretty boring and nothing interesting was happening around me, I decided to capture my everyday life for this assignment. Because these pictures and sounds are ones that most students at UofI see and hear everyday, I wanted to bring them to life by capturing quality pictures and sounds. Taking pictures and capturing audio was easy because I had experience of using both pieces of equipment before. I went through my day, and I took pictures and recorded sound simultaneously. It was rainy on the day that I took these pictures and recorded audio, so the pictures and look of the video might seem gloomy. However, I think the sound of the rain gives the video somewhat of a calming and relaxing mood. The subjects of the video include my professors, friends, and also strangers. Everything went well until we brought the photos and audio clips into class to edit…

Editing assignment 2 went fairly smoothly. Putting the pictures in order, adding transitions, and even adding a title slate went by quickly and before class ended, I had uploaded assignment 2 on Youtube and was working on assignment 3. I did not finish assignment 3 in class because I ran out of time, so I came into the lab on Monday and Tuesday night to finish my video. I ran into many problems including the volume of the audio clips, exporting, and uploading to Youtube. However, after all these troubles, with the help of fellow classmates and the internet, I was able to complete both assignments.

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  1. Pender, James Henry III

    Overall, I think everything worked well together in your videos. I think it was perfect that you had nat sound for each individual picture, something I wasn’t able to do myself. I think it told a clear and concise story, and I could easily tell where the beginning, middle, and end were. I think that a couple pictures could have been in better focus, but I recall you saying you had a hard time holding your umbrella and everything else along with your camera. Overall I think you did a good job with everything, much better than me!

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