Pender Assignment 2 & 3 Reflection

A Typical Trip to the ARC from start to finish.


For assignment 2 & 3, we were required to do more work than assignment 2. At first, I was not sure what I wanted to capture for these assignments. I ended up deciding to capture a trip to the ARC. It is something I do many days a week. I started in my apartment, continued on the walk there, and finished at the ARC.

For assignment 2, we were assigned to taking about a minute of still photos, and had to tell a story. In assignment 3, we were required to do most of the same, but add some natural sound in as well. For the most part, getting the pictures was not a problem. It was harder to get photos that would also contribute good natural sound.

One problem I did have was getting the natural sound. It was hard to get sound that fit with the pictures, so that was a challenge from the start. Unfortunately, some of the good nat sound I obtained did not record as well as I’d hoped, so I was unable to use it in my project, which was incredibly frustrating. I think that in the future I should obtain more natural sound/photos just in case I run into this problem again. The volume on the computers was also not working properly, so it was harder to make sure the nat sound fit well while I was creating my projects. One other main problem I ran into that everybody might notice is that I completely forgot how to add a “continue reading” link on this post, so I will obviously have to ask a classmate about that ASAP. Overall, I ran into a few problems along the way, but I am starting to feel much more confident with my camera, as well as Premiere. I think that if I can continue to make progress on each assignment, my work will continue to get better and better.

My Assignment 2 can be viewed here.

My Assignment 3 can be viewed here.

1 thought on “Pender Assignment 2 & 3 Reflection

  1. Lee, Alicia J

    Hey Hank!
    Really good job on your video! From your presentation today, I saw that you had some problems with audio. I think I would to if the focus of my video was the ARC. I would run out of things to record. However, seeing the work that you did, I thought you did a really good job with what you had. I really liked the picture of the view of the ARC sign as well as the building, and also the basketball picture that overlooked the courts. There was definitely a sequence and story to the video as well. The pictures weren’t all over the place, and it made sense that they were in that order. I don’t have much to add onto what Professor Collins said in class about your video. I agree with her on that I think you needed to have a little bit more action within in your pictures. Instead of just shooting the water fountain, you could have a picture of the water running, or someone drinking from it. Instead of just people inside the weight room, you could have a picture of someone working out, lifting, etc. If you did that, then I feel that it would have been easier for you to find matching audio clips. But overall, I think you did a good job and I liked that you had the sweaty t-shirt as the last picture. It was a nice ending. Good job Hank!

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