Reggi Assignment 4 Reflection

An Unexpected Friendship

When initially beginning this assignment I was torn on what topic to cover. I have always enjoyed stories with a deeper level of human interest and emotion so I typically have that in the back of my mind. After my initial two plans did not work because the subjects did not feel comfortable being filmed I decided to carry out my day and see if anything special caught my eye.

Luckily I came across Albert and Michael, an unlikely duo whose history sparked my curiosity. I asked them permission to film and ask them a few questions with the little time they had to talk..

This is my storyboard

This is my storyboard!

When it came to the actual filming and editing of the story I faced many challenges because this was a spur of the moment idea that I came across, it wasn’t planned out in advance. Both Michael and Albert had little time for me to film them and ask them questions so I had one chance to get it right and get “the money shot.” I didn’t have time to repeat questions so I had to use what I shot on the first time; this was somewhat challenging especially when it came to transitions and there was a lot to edit.  It was challenging for me to get a variety of shots versus keeping the camera still and hearing their answers.

My story was thematic in perspective. I wanted to really capture the emotion that I saw when walking past these two individuals and their connection which was not quite as easy to do on film as it was in reality. It was as if they were so focused on one another that in those moments talking to one another nothing around them mattered.

I think I improved in content actually capturing what mattered, and what would interest audiences. With speaking to Albert I could tell he didn’t feel entirely comfortable talking about his disease and did not want that to be the focus of my piece. He was such a positive person and wanted to keep things focused on that and I wanted to respect that while still keeping an interest with my audience and let the individual’s personalities show in my work.

Here is my story! Enjoy!

Mia Reggi

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