Gao Reflection 4

There was nothing special happened last week, except my roommate invited me to go camping with her and our friends. Young, who is her boyfriend, goes camping every year with his fraternity, so he has some experiences with this activity.

Most of this trip was he taught us what to do, from the preparing part. I didn’t shoot any video for the shopping preparation part, because the stores just do not allow that. We separated into two groups for preparation, since I went with the shopping group and I had class when one of my friends went to arc to rent a tent, so I just started my video from departing.

Here is my story board:


It is really interesting for me to have this experiment, because I have never go camping with friends before. And if one goes camping with family, just the family will take care of everything; however, we were doing this ourselves.

The first step is to build the tent, which is the test we actually failed…. Since we do not have the instruction and no one has done this before, we just tried to put all the parts to gather reasonably. About 40 minutes, we failed, and that’s the reason why I don’t have the finished tent part in my story.

Then, we tried light the fire. Young was doing this, since he has done this many times before. After the fire was ready, just the time for enjoy BBQ and music, which is the end of my story. I tried to record what happened when we slept in car, both my friends, cars, and the camping park, but it just too dark for that. So I took that part off from my video.

Check out my video here!


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