Farm Lake

Farm Lake, where many U of I students go to attend barn dances in the Fall, is filled with beautiful scenery. Not only is it a beautiful place, but there are peacocks running around everywhere!

This week, I had to take a trip to Farm Lake to drop off a check for my barn dance coming up later this week. I had never seen the grounds during the day, so I took the opportunity and dragged my camera along with me on my trek out into the woods. The owner of the farm, Loretta, was in her house with friends playing board games. She gave my friend Caroline and me permission to roam throughout her property, which we took full advantage of.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.58.47 PM

When one approaches the farm, there are various forms of artwork, as well as lots of garbage and rubbish lying around. When one looks a bit closer, there is a beautiful lake in the background and the grounds are covered in trees. With the birds chirping in the quiet, forest setting, Farm Lake makes for an extremely calm afternoon.

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Walking around Farm Lake, I was able to see many different elements. The peacocks were a lot of fun to follow and chase. The ducks swimming in the lake were adorable. The different barns throughout the property (I was able to go inside two) were large and filled with hay. The best part of the property, though, is the amount of foliage and shrubbery. All the trees and bushes seem to be the perfect combination of well-groomed and a little over-grown, giving the atmosphere an extremely natural appearance.

Unfortunately, Loretta was unable to chat with me for too long. I had many questions for her, such as, “What’s the deal with all the peacocks?” and “What made you decide to rent your barn out to a bunch of college kids?” These questions unfortunately went unanswered, but I hope to do some sort of follow-up with Loretta in the near future.

Loretta is an older woman who apparently still has a fully functioning social life. Her friends, whom she describes as her “beautiful, older friends,” were over for a day filled with lunch and board games. The women were all in high spirits and were excited to get back to their game.

Overall, Farm Lakes is an extremely interesting place with much going on. I would really love to re-visit and learn more about the background of the farm and what Loretta plans to do with it in the future.

The outline of my video, or my story board, appears below:

Assignment 4 Story Board

Check out my Farm Lake adventure here!



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