Langhorne Reflection3 (assignment4)


Cream +Flutter


Heres why I chose to do my Video Essay at this Bakery.

In this assignment I visited a bakery in downtown Champaign. I always see it in passing while commuting to work and I’ve always wanted to go in. I decided that this would be a good place to  get B-Roll as well as an actuality. I walked in and I was immediately greeted by the Customer service Manager Hann. She introduced herself and then started telling me about the products they sell and the services that they offer. I asked her to shoot some footage and to do an interview and she said yes! I also got to try some desserts.



Lemon Blackberry Cupcake

Setting up and Problem Solving

Doing the VO this time around was a little less difficult. I was able to set up my equipment faster than usual, but I ran into a problem. For some reason my tripod was off. After taking a couple of shots I saw that  the stills weren’t level so I had to place my hand on the camera to level it out. The most difficult part of shooting was having to stop so that customers could get around. I was set up in the middle of the bakery so it was a little hard for them to maneuver. I moved around to a diagonal angle. You will probably notice that in some of my shots. The great part about my visit to Cream + Flutter was that the baker was in the middle of making Chocolate French Macrons. This was amazing for my sequence. I was able to catch the Macrons in three different stages, and each one was more progressive that the previous.


Getting an actuality and Putting on the Mic

Putting the microphone on Hann was not as difficult  as I thought it would be. All I did was put the chord into the recorder, turned it on, and pushed the record button twice.  (The light was not blinking) I wasn’t certain that it recorded so just to be sure I recorded the actuality without chord as well. Since Hann agreed to do the actuality the only problems I encountered were technical.


Editing the VO and uploading Audio

Uploading my audio seemed like a piece of cake. (No pun intended.) The actuality didn’t need very much editing so that moved the process along. When I put the recorder audio on the adobe track it clashed with the camera audio. I could not figure out how to drown the camera audio out. I kept trying to find the volume controls and couldn’t. Finally I pressed something and controls popped up. I still do not understand how what I was doing and I would like to learn more about that.


Heres my trip to Cream +Flutter.

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