Gardening Has No Gender – Ajayi Assignment 4 Reflection

Breaking the gender barriers, my dad has made gardening his passion and part-time hobby. For these reasons, Bolingbrook has rewarded him several times for his efforts.


This is a picture of one of my dads favorite trees. It is almost two years old.

Going into assignment four, I struggled once again with finding a good newsworthy story idea and avoiding procrastination. I knew I was going home when the assignment was assigned and I immediately thought of my dads passion for gardening and HGTV. I thought it was an interesting story because most people think only women love to garden and in my household, my mom truly despises the labor and the increase in her water bill from all the water the backyard needs to keep the plants alive.

Awhile back at my old house, my dad won two years straight in a row for the best landscaping in Bolingbrook. The mayor of Bolingbrook invited my whole family to the village hall and called us to present us with a plaque. I remember my dad was so proud.

Eventually we moved to the opposite end of Bolingbrook and my dads passion never stopped.

As far as this assignment goes, everything was pretty simple. I got all my shots on Saturday morning and came to do edits Tuesday. Editing took me three hours and thankfully Adobe Premiere cooperated with me. After posting my video on youtube, I had to go back to the lab after seeing mistakes from watching my video at home. I also almost forgot to insert B-Roll into my video but thankfully a classmate mentioned it. One of my shots were to short and because all my footage was from home, I couldn’t just go back on the weekday and reshoot. I also, had to search for a little while to find a scanner for my storyboard. Thankfully, I got it done.


My drawing isn’t that pleasant as you can see.

My video followed a narrative style. My dad moved this video along by telling his story and love for gardening through his quotes. The videos of his garden also pushed the story along progressively giving it that narrative feeling.

After watching my video again I saw another small mistake so I literally had to change my video again 10 minutes before the Professor walked in. I really wanted to avoid small mistakes that can affect me getting certain points.

I also didn’t know we had to write two separate blog post so I had to hurry and revise that during class.

I’m truly baffled at how fast this semester is going but this class is truly teaching me deadlines are EVERYTHING. With that said, click here¬†to see my fourth assignment, Gardening Has No Gender.


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