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Lead Designer of UI Startup Seeks to Empower Young Girls

A University of Illinois startup, Miss Possible, aims to empower young girls to dream big and challenge stereotypical career paths set by society for women. Lead Designer Kelly Lin has created a line of dolls, which girls can both play with and learn from.

These dolls are’t your typical Suzy Homemaker Barbie. The dolls are modeled after influential women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields). The fields within STEM are ones which are in dire need of women. The vision is that by showing young girls all the possibilities available to them, these girls will not be deterred to pursue careers dominated by men.



The first doll to be released by the Miss Possible Project is Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie. Kelly shared insight on the process behind designing a doll.  The doll will pair hand in hand with an interactive game which will allow these young girls to get exposure to the fields of STEM.


Meet the visionary behind Miss Possible, the woman who is empowering young girls, here.

Miss Possible has raised $85,000 to develop the doll through their Indegogo campaign. The first doll Marie is set to launch January 2015. Learn more about Miss Possible and the rest of the team here.

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