An Unexpected Friendship

The power of a prayer

As I took a walk down the quad in the early morning on a sunny afternoon I stopped to notice an older gentlemen walking around talking to what looked like an old friend. I was so intrigued as to how they had met, and what their back-story was. This couple then began to hold their arms out to one another and place them on each other’s shoulder as they bowed their heads in unison and one began quietly talking while the other nodded his head listening intently.

After they finished I introduced myself and got to know a little bit more about their history which may surprise you….

Albert and Michael Praying

Albert and Michael Praying

The young man’s name was Michael Agapito, a student at the University of Illinois, and the older man was Albert Knox, the two in fact were not friends before that morning, not even acquaintances, they were complete strangers that met because Michael wanted to reach out to Albert to help in anyway he could.

Michael noticed Albert walking around the quad, asking a few people to spare any help that they could or any cash donations. Albert was not a homeless man, he was married to his wife and had 2 children and a home but he suffers from a serious medical condition for which there is no cure, ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Michael noticed Albert with his cane and wanted to help but didn’t have any money, so instead he offered him what he could: a prayer.

Nowadays it can be quite rare that we see such pure acts of good human nature. Michael sai that seeing Albert out and about despite the condition of his state which he should be bedridden was something he was very happy to see. To the outside looking in Michael and Albert seemed to have known each other for over a decade when in reality they had just met and were both men of faith who connected on a deeper spiritual level.

Here is the link to my story! Enjoy!

Mia Reggi

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