Assignment 4: Life of a Youtube Beauty Guru Reflection

Thinking of Ideas 

When we first received this assignment and Professor Collins showed us examples within class, I immediately thought of my friend, Rachel Chen. Rachel is a Youtube beauty guru and has been making videos since her high school years. I wanted to do a profile of her within m379242_529476263739463_1348739922_ny video and I had this completed image in my head of what my video was going to look like. However, things never turn out the way we want them to turn out, do they? 

The Storyboard 

Because I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted my video to look like, drawing the storyboard was easy. I wanted to start off with Rachel introducing herself as if she would in one of her videos. Then, I would go into interviewing her which would be the A-roll, then B-rolls would cut through that with the same audio going, to give the viewer an image of what she actually does. I wanted to include shots of her taking pictures, doing her makeup, etc. I feel that my assignment did follow my storyboard and that it turned out as I wanted to… except the fact that I didn’t get as much of a beginning, middle, and end of her story because the video was cut too short. Below is a picture of my storyboard: New Doc 4_1

Running Into Obstacles 

Filming and everything was easy. I knew that I wanted to interview her on some questions that I had such as when she started Youtubing, what were some of the hardships of Youtubing, and the perks of Youtubing. While filming, I kept questioning myself of how I was going to put these answers into a 1 minute and 30 second video. However, I pushed on, trying to get as many good answers as possible. After the interview, Rachel said she was going to make a video and take some pictures for it, so I thought that it was the perfect chance to get some shots. I filmed her taking pictures, doing her makeup, making a video, editing her video, etc. I also filmed her making her teatox tea as well as opening her body scrub. These clips were for my B-roll and they worked in nicely with what she said throughout her interview, which was my A-roll. The hardships and obstacles came when I went to edit my video. Because her answers for the interview questions were way over 1 minute long each, I had to cut off what I didn’t want. This is why the video might seem choppy. I did my best with the dissolves to try to make it flow. Through this assignment, I learned a lot about how to use Adobe Premiere. I learned how to unlink sound with picture, I learned how to add dissolves between audio clips, and I learned how to overlay other video clips on top of the audio for another video clip. It was overwhelming at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. The hardest part of this assignment was choosing what I wanted and didn’t want so that everything would fit within 1 minute and 30 seconds. I feel that if the video was allowed to be longer, then I could have got the entire story of being a Youtube beauty guru, but this video gives you a little taste. Here is the link to my video. 

Picture used with permission from Rachel Chen.

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