Wheelchair Basketball

No Limits To Basketball

By, Senait Gebregiorgis

For Assignment 4 I decided to choose a unique feature story like wheelchair basketball. I actually had the chance to try wheelchair basketball and play beforehand and man was it fun and tough all at the same time. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. It has a lot of skills and techniques to it such as picking up the ball with the wheel, or using your upper body strength to shoot for the basket.


Martinez Johnson, junior at U of I in Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team

First I had to meet Martinez super early in the morning because that was when his team including all the other wheelchair basketball athletes practiced together at the gym in the ARC. I recorded a variety of shots of the team playing, wide and medium. Then I had Martinez alone to interview and record after the team was done playing. I was really struggling with using the audio recorder at first because I was so paranoid it wasn’t going to record and work but I remembered! – Press the button twice! I basically had Martinez do the same interview just in different angles and shots and backgrounds. So I think he was annoyed — like why are we doing the same thing? I did a medium and tight shot of Martinez talking.

After interviewing Martinez I had him shoot a couple hoops and show off his skills so that I can record him doing that. At the end, editing was the hardest thing in the universe of multimedia. I literally stayed up all night learning new things, trying new things and experimenting. I just didn’t find myself satisfied with certain aspects of the video so I kept switching shots and nat sounds around. Matching up the audio with the video was the most difficult. I wanted it to synch well with his lips. So audition was really helpful. I think I was most comfortable with using Adobe Premiere at this point of the semester with this project. I was confident in what I was doing and the tools I was using. Now I’m getting adjusted to using it.

 Overall, at the end I was proud because it looked like a mini feature news story that needs to be aired on ABC Chicago News or ESPN! So here you go ESPN! Click here to watch “Wheelchair Basketball” Feel free to use it on your show! It’s produced by Senait Gebregiorgis! learned so much from this project and I know there is always room for improvement. For more information on the Illinois Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team check out there website here.

Assignment 4 Reflection.


Here’s my Storyboard for Assignment 4: Wheelchair Basketball!

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