Illini Club Baseball Fall League

The next step.

For assignment 4, I was not too sure what I was going to do at first. I had missed class on Thursday due to car failure on the way to class, so I missed Dr. Collins’ advice and such regarding the assignment. I ended up emailing the entire class to see what I missed and what was due, and Elise and Liz were nice enough to let me know what I missed, and I really appreciated that. I eventually ended up deciding to film a club baseball fall league game. I had done our first assignment using pictures from the original tryout, but thought I could tell a story with this, since this is the next step in making the team.
I wanted to tell a story from pre game, to mid-game, to post game. I did my best in getting shots from before, during, and after. I made a brief storyboard before the game to try and give myself an idea of the shots I wanted to take.  The storyboard can be seen here:



Overall, I did not get every shot I wanted from my original storyboard, but I got as many as I could. Personally, I am not too thrilled with my finished product for this assignment. There is no doubt I did not give myself enough time to make the best possible final project, and I personally think it shows. I know I can do better work than this so I am going to have to adjust in the future.

My final assignment can be viewed here.


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