Miss Empowered – Amanieh Assignment 4 Reflection

girls    I love every and all things female empowerment related. I am constantly interested in how women are challenging stereotypes and working to change the discourse associated with feminism.

My roommate last year told me about the job she received as the graphic designer for Miss Possible. I inquired what the company was and was immediately intrigued. It’s such a fresh and challenging idea. Similar to what we’ve been seeing in the media, young women are beginning to challenge gender roles and expectations. The very clear lines are beginning to fade as equality emerges. Miss Possible has to potential to revolutionize the doll industry and stereotypes by challenging the root of the problem.


Kids are heavily influenced by what they are presented with and engaged in on a daily basis. If these young girls become accustomed to seeing women in certain fields, then they might develop a strict narrow sense of their options. Miss Possible aims to change this concept, and virtually show girls that their options are limitless.

I originally had wanted to feature the two founders and CEO’s of Miss Possible. However, since both had graduated and were no longer in town, it would be difficult to capture video. I then started looking at the staff, and the title of Lead designer struck me. I started to wonder what goes into creating such a doll and how does one simply craft such an empowering doll. I then decided I would interview Kelly Lin, the lead Designer for Miss Possible.

I definitely think I could have captured better A-roll. However, space was limited. We filmed in a lab studio in the Art and Design building. Originally Kelly took me to an empty photo room, which was a plain room consisting of four white walls. I suggested we go into a studio room in which she has worked on the designs for these dolls. The startup is still in it’s early stages and therefore they have no established company location. The studio was therefore our best spot. However, I still could have chosen more variety for where Kelly was sitting. After watching all my footage, I felt that I confined my subject to one area and that was the computer.

I think maybe even going to a store like Wal-Mart and Target and walking down the toy aisle with dolls to capture the stereotypical doll would have been great B-roll to add as well.

My storyboard illustrates the lack of variety within scenes.


I incorporated audio leading in and out of the video which I think enhanced the video.  Overall, I think my story idea is very interesting. However, I still think I need to work on using more creativity when it comes to the shots. I need to pay more attention to background, natural sound and working through my vision before I get to the scene. Take a look at my assignment four here.

The story itself has a strong vision. The theme of empowering young girls can only be complimented by video because it speaks so loudly for itself.

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