How to make a decoration Gao

How to make Chinese Knots


It is not difficult to make a traditional Chinese Knot, you can hang it everywhere you like. All you need is scissors, some pins, a board, and the cords of your favorite color!

 For my how to piece assignment, as I know, some of my classmates planned to cook something, so I just want to go something creative, how to make a decoration!

I learned this in primary school, and at that time, we had a class called Labor, we did all the hand-made stuff during that class! I still can remember several kinds of Chinese knots, but this one is always my first choice! This one is called “Lucky Knot”, which exactly means good luck!

I set up the tripod next to the window to ensure the light is enough, and had the right angle. I shot the video for twice, because actually the first time I messed it up with the pictures and videos. I really enjoy a lot when I was recording this video, but I would like to say the hard part is to edit it to full fill the time limit! Most of my real steps already took one minute, which already hit the line. So I tried to speed it up to hundreds of percent, which made the video looks really quickly, but I am not that fast!

Hope you enjoy my video, and let’s make it HERE!


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