How To Train a Dog

Dogs can be hard to train, but with the proper materials and information on the best way to train a pet, it can be fun!

Produced by: Colleen Cavanagh

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My dog is extremely spoiled and was not trained very well by my family. I often get frustrated when she doesn’t know simple commands such as “sit” and “stay.” When I was home this past weekend, I decided enough was enough and brought my camera along while my sister attempted to teach her how to sit.

Riley is adorable, but she often gets on my family’s nerves with her lack of training. It is most definitely my family’s fault for not training her well when she was a puppy, and now we have to live with those consequences. While she is not a “bad” dog, she is just somewhat clueless as to when someone is telling her to do something. She has a lot of free reign in my house, which makes training her very difficult.

The hardest part about making this video was getting Riley to listen and understand what we wanted her to do for the video. She had just woken up from a nap, so she was lethargic and only wanted to lay around. I originally wanted to teach her to fetch a ball, but she was having none of the running around, so I had to resort to sitting for my lazy dog.

I filmed during the afternoon, so the lighting was great and the weather was nice, making it really enjoyable to be filming. My little sister, Bridget, was a huge help in my video and in helping to teach Riley to sit.

I have incorporated natural sound, as well as actualities which I believe has come together in a nice combination. Overall, I am happy with my video – it’s probably been my favorite one so far.

Here is my story board:

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Check out my video to learn how to train a dog, and to see if my dog eventually got the hang of learning how to sit!

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