How To Make A Kugel

By Joey Gelman

When it comes to Jewish Holidays or gatherings, a Noodle-Kugel is always a staple.

A typical Jewish brunch would not be complete without a Noodle Kugel. While these meals mainly focus on bagels and deli meats, a warm, home-cooked side-dish is always an added bonus. However, when it comes to Kugel, my family is different than most.

Noodle Kugel - Gallery Hip

Noodle Kugel – Gallery Hip

Most families who make Noodle Kugel make it sweet with cinnamon, raisins and sugar to complement the other salty items in a meal. My family on the other hand prefers the savory and salty recipe. Both of my mother’s parents came from homes where the Kugels were made with salt, and it was only fitting that when they got married, they continued this tradition. The same habit goes for oatmeal with my family, as instead of sugar, we add salt. Kugel has been a must-have at every family event I have attended and will continue to be, as my cousins and I can devour a whole tray in one sitting.

I decided to do my “How To” piece on making a Kugel as it truly encompasses an important and delicious part of being home for the Jewish Holidays. My family and I recently celebrated the holiday of Yom Kippur, and we use the Kugel and other deli foods to break the day-long fast that is associated with the holiday. Because this recipe has been used in my family for generations, I was excited to get the opportunity to capture it on video.

The first thing I noticed, was that while the Kugel is a great side-dish, it is not the most appealing to film. Due to its simplicity of ingredients, I felt as though there were not that many varied shots. Because the dish relies on mixing everything together, many shots look the same. While I feel as though the final product came out well, maybe focusing on another item with more camera-friendly ingredients and preparation may be the best way to go next time.

Also, when it came to shooting, because it was focused on preparing food, I felt as though it was difficult to get different and interesting angles, as everything was just mixed into a pot and put in the oven. While I touched on it a little bit before, a different, more complex food “how to” may be a better option next time.

Overall, I felt as though the editing process was not too bad. This is the first time in this class that I have had to sync up natural sound, a voiceover and music to a flow nicely, which was a fun challenge. The issue I would say was most difficult with the editing and filming was making sure to film every part of the preparation. I found that in certain scenarios, I gave oral instructions as well as lower-thirds that sometimes were missing a matching video. While the lower-thirds and voiceover served as good fillers, I have to make sure I grab those shots next time.

In the end, I really enjoyed the project as it was a fund and light-hearted video essay that people can actually use.

Here is a copy of my “How To” Storyboard

Storyboard for “How To Make A Kugel”

Here is a link to the video, ENJOY!

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