How To Do an at Home Manicure

By: Yele Ajayi

Keep your nails nice and traditional with a basic at home manicure that never goes out of style.

2014-10-07 05.50.00

Here is a complete manicure.

Walking into the nail salon, taking a quick glance at the prices can be shocking. Fifteen to twenty dollars for a simple  manicure is crazy when you can walk to Walmart and pick up the needed materials for less than 10 dollars. With that said, the tips to doing your own at home manicure are quick and easy and may even save you from breaking that $20 sitting around in your wallet.

Instead of sitting in the nail salon for almost 30 minutes, I really wanted to focus my how to video on something simple and quick. For that reason, I chose to do my video on how to do a basic manicure.

My roommate last year was a nail fanatic but she always refused to go to the nail salon and spend unnecessary money. So when it came time to decide on who could be in my video, I knew exactly who to call.

I shot in my apartment and the only struggles I had was making sure I had tons of lighting because my living room has limited lights. After fixing the lights, I recorded her saying all the steps then I recorded her actually in the process. All together this took about 30 minutes.

When it was time to edit my video, everything actually went smoothly. Only struggle I truly had was not going over the time limit. In order not to do that, I sped up a lot my clips. To make it fun I added music to my video to make it seem fun.  Overall, it took me three hours to get my video done.

I think this assignment probably will be my favorite. I always watch how to tutorials so to make my own was pretty fun! I was just shocked all my recording and editing went smoothly.

Once my video was uploaded, I watched my progress from my first video to now and I was truly impressed to see myself progressing. I can’t wait to continue to expand on my skills for the future videos.

With that said, watch my fifth assignment to learn how to save yourself from that drive to the nail salon next time.

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