Curing a case of the Hiccups!

How To: Stop your Hiccups

Mia Reggi Assignment 5

Can’t stop those inevitable hiccups that pop in day-to-day life? Learn how to rid them quickly with some quick easy tips in my how-to piece! Hiccups can come up in daily life often unexpectedly and in public. It is useful to have a number of ways to stop them before them can become irritating or disruptive.

When first coming up for an idea on what to do my how to piece on I had some difficulty choosing just one thing. There is an area where we could show a bit of our personality as well as creativity. Because hiccups are something that nearly all people have experienced or will experience more than once in their lifetime I thought this was both a newsworthy and suitable story because it it a relatable topic that I could have some fun doing.

One technique to curing hiccups!

One technique to curing hiccups!

My biggest struggle for completing the how-to was that I was limited in how much I could actually do all myself. Because I was the main subject acting in my piece, I was reliant on using my tripod to film myself. I found myself much more limited because I had to start and stop the camera while filming myself. This was probably the biggest issue because it was not as easy as my past assignments of simply observing and filming others or instructing others how to do things or filming my surroundings.

My story style was thematic and centered around hiccups and focusing on a variety of methods to cure them. Overall I greatly enjoyed completing this project. I found that I also was able to express myself as both the subject and the producer of this piece which left a lot of freedom to do things exactly as I saw fitting.

My How To Cure Hiccups Storyboard!

My How To Cure Hiccups Storyboard!

Hope this piece is of some help to you the next time you get the hiccups! 🙂

Here is my story, Enjoy!

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