Club for sleepless wheels!

Go Inline Insomniacs!!!

The best thing in college is that there are so many choices of things we can decide on our own. One of the most important for everyone’s college life is a student organization or sometimes called a club! Most of these student organizations need their members making contributions to the organization and most of the activities are during daytime, which means we have to deal with the conflict between school work and our personal interests. But here is a different one — Inline Insomniacs!

Inline Insomniacs is a student club for sleepless people who interests in in inline skates, skateboards, bicycles and even long boards. The club members meet every Tuesday or Wednesday at Foellinger Auditorium around midnight. For two hours, they travel around the campus on their wheels.

The reason why the club chooses Tuesdays and Wednesdays, because that most students would like to hang out with friends during weekends and these two days are in the middle of the weekdays, which is the most pressure time and a good time for relaxing.

Although their routines are random every time, they trust their leader, they rely on each other and they take care of each other.



I came up with idea because I am interested in roller skating myself, and before I study abroad here I am a skater as well. But I am not a good runner and I have never skated during the midnight. I feel this is a really challenge topic for any people who loves skating. I contact a Chinese graduate student Lucy first, and I asked her to help me get in touch and set up appointment for interview Treasure Marcelo and Vice President Logan.

Lucy told me they were going to have a house run on that Friday, then I thought that would be a good opportunity for me to get the natural sounds of wheels and people’s voices there. However, due to the rainy days, all of their calendar changed. Then I go with my second plan, which is to have the single inline skates sounds.

Then I record my own voice, which is really weird for me to actually hear myself in the recorder! And it heard so different when I speak in English. There are some errors in my pronunciations and I tried to repeat it several times to fix them. But I still found that what I heard is not the same way as what I thought I am talking with…. Awkward….

Another difficult is that when I tried to cut the interview part, I found that one of my interviewee talked really fast, I could not cut out the part I want. So I tried to use the wheel sound I had to cover that part, and it works! Then I found that it is a good idea to have the wheeling sound while they were talking, because in this way they can be separated from the people who are interested in bicycles or skateboards.


If you are interested, you can click here to listen to my work! 

The following is the script of my audio package:

Haoyuan Gao Reporter 



TAKE AUDIO PKG FULLTRACK 1Inline Insomniacs is a night skating club, for those people who are sleepless. Club members meet every Tuesday or Wednesday during the midnight. For 2 hours, they travel up, down and around campus on inline skates, bikes and skateboards.  (00:16)


Take Natsound full TAKE NATSOUND OF SKATING (00:03)
TRACK 2They go straight down the road; go through the familiar sense of campus, across parking lot, the small trails of parks, and even the corn field. They have random routines every single time: sometime smooth, sometime jolty. Lucy, who just joined this club, says they trust each other, and rely on each other. (00:22) 
Lucy Liu TAKE SOT – LUCY“I feel that people are really nice there!” (00:03) 
TRACK 3One of the chief members lead the whole group, while another one who will always stay in the back to cover the last person. Members of the club say that it’s fun, relaxing, great exercise and a way to… well, just get outside. Like Marcello… (00:16) 
Marcelo Servilla TAKE SOT – MACELO“I enjoy being able, you know, to do something I’m good at, which is skating. You know, because otherwise, I wouldn’t do anything at all.”(00:10) 
TRACK 4Logan Dodd, Vice President of the group, says, if wheeling is for you… you ought to give it a whirl… (00:09) 
Logan Dodd TAKE SOT – LOGAN“If you are interested in anything on wheels, and you don’t like to sleep, you like staying up late, then, come out and skate with us!” (00:05) 
TRT: 1:30


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