The Funny Side of Halloween

Monty python and the Holy Grail - Cumberland Players

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – Cumberland Players

Many people think of scary when they think of Halloween, but one family is trying to bring out the lighter side with their Monty Python tribute.

Jacob and Lori Bernard are bringing their love of the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” to Halloween night. The Bernards are re-creating the “Flageolet Monk” scene from the cult classic and putting it on display in downtown Champaign. The Bernards, along with friends and anyone else who wants to join, will be walking throughout the city reciting and chanting the familiar scene.

Flage Monks Scene-

Flage Monks Scene-

The Bernards’ idea for the event came while they were watching the movie at home. A friend of the family thought it would be a great idea to do on Halloween night and they ran with it. Lori has always thought of Halloween as an opportunity to have fun and make people laugh and that is what she hopes to do with their Monty Python tribute.

Jacob is looking forward to the event as a “homage” to their love for Monty Python and hopes for it to be an annual event if all goes according to plan. The original idea was to do the event on the Illinois Quad. However because the movie was made in 1975, the Bernards felt that their target audience would be much more prevalent in downtown Champaign.

The event will begin at 6:45pm on October 31st at the Second Street Boneyard Creek Basin. The group will proceed to 1 Main Plaza and then to the intersection of University and Neal Street before continuing their procession back to the Basin.

Those who wish to participate will need a brown blanket, a rope and a hardcover book or piece of cardboard. The Bernards will provide the quotes and lyrics associated with the scene. The event is entitled “Flage Mob” and an event has been created on Facebook. If you would like to get in direct contact with the family, contact Jacob Bernard at 217-721-0585.

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Assignment 6 was a fun one to do, but it did not start out that way. I originally wanted to do a profile on the new Koto Ramen restaurant on the University of Illinois campus. However, after a week and a half of not hearing back, I had to move on. I came across this story as one of the creators, Jacob Bernard, works with my radio show as a high-school intern. In talking with him, he mentioned this idea that he was doing for Halloween night, and I thought it would work great for my audio piece. For those unfamiliar with the scene, which I will post a link to below, it is always first thought of and recognized because of the audio. That is why I felt that this would be a great choice because the audio is the primary trigger of the scene. Those who know it well, know that after that, the visual is key with the monks hitting themselves as with a book, but the audio appears to catch the viewer first to signify the memorable scene.

The editing of the audio was not too bad, as I am familiar with Adobe Audition and creating audio wraps. The difficulty of this project was the fact that I had to go with plan B and making sure it would hit deadline. While I cut it close, I feel as though it worked out well and is a fun story. While everyone in the class may not get the reference, I hope that the wrap can bring some clarity, and for those that do know it, I hope it brings back some fun memories. Maybe it will get them to join the Bernards on Halloween night.

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