A Few Stills To Remember: My Multimedia Reflection

As I write this last, final reflection, I feel bittersweet inside. This semester has not only flown by but it has also equipped me with so much knowledge.

Coming into multimedia, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. My older peers tried to yelzgive me an idea but I still didn’t know what to necessarily to think of it They told me it was easy, that I’d basically walk through the semester with ease. I don’t want to say they lied….but! I had truly never truly shot any type of pictures or film on a camera other than my iphone and did not know the standards of a multimedia journalist. Needless to say, I came into Dr. Collins classroom with an open mind. This semester personally for me was all about becoming well rounded as a journalist. I wanted to know how to talk on camera but also know how to operate behind one.

Now that we are reaching the disastrous month of December (I hate the cold) I have completed eight assignments and each one has taught me so much.



Starting off the semester, Dr. Collins truly just wanted us to be at ease and be comfortable with our cameras. So for assignment one, we had to get to know our camera. In journalism, deadlines and hitting the exact time is important and I learned that in this assignment. A lot of my shots were longer than they were supposed to be and out of focus. So this assignment truly taught me how to get my necessary shot without surpassing time constraints and how to keep my camera focused. I had fun walking around campus though with this assignment and capturing things I usually just walk past.


Chocolate chip pancake mix

Moving forward to assignment two, we had to do a photoessay without sound. I struggled brainstorming story ideas with this assignment. After running out of ideas, I did my photoessay on sunday breakfast. I made pancakes and bacon for this assignment and I truly was trying to show a process from the moment I took out my ingredients to the moment all my food was cooked and ready to be served. I wanted to evoke hunger amongst my audience and make them feel like they needed chocolate pancakes and bacon as soon as possible based off my pictures. One thing I truly wished I did more for assignment two was use more tight shots.

Going off assignment two, it was time to add some noise in assignment three. I enjoyed adding audio as it symbolized the sounds of Sunday breakfast. For my audio I truly wanted to capture the sound of pancake mix being whisked, the sound of butter melting, pancakes flipping, bacon cackling, and juice pouring. Watching my video again with sound truly made it better. Everyone could almost guess what sound would be occurring next.


My dad’s latest blossoming tree

Leaving the stills behind, it was time to jump into video. For assignment four I kept trying to appeal to human interest and do an unusual topic. I ended up focusing on my dad and his gardening. I wanted my audience to see gardening has no gender. For this assignment, I didn’t truly push myself as I could have. I didn’t capture shots that truly could have enhanced my story. I also waited until the last minute for this story and for that reason it wasn’t my best assignment in multimedia.



Basic at home manicure.

Going into assignment five, I was super excited because it was our how to piece. I wanted to make mine simple but also fun. I brainstormed a few ideas but didn’t want to do the typical cooking video. I ended up doing how to do an at home manicure. I ended up having fun with this and even had friends help me. It was really fun to make but also to create. To spice it up, I even added some music just to experiment a little.


breast cancer


Progressing, we changed up the flow in multimedia and focused on an audio package. It was not hard for me to pick a topic for this assignment. I automatically focused my story on breast cancer awareness month. Because I lost my aunt to breast cancer, I was determined to get great audio. It actually ended up being some of my best interviews. Only thing I struggled with is editing and transitioning for this assignment.

But because I struggled with editing in assignment six, I wanted my advanced audio package to be near perfect. Because I’m known as a social media goddess back home, I focused my final audio and video package on the pros and cons of social media. Getting interviews for this assignment was actually pretty easy and instead of procrastinating, I did my edits over Thanksgiving Break.



Chicago Police Department Facebook Page

Wrapping things up, we had to complete a full video package. I focused my video package on how social media aids in criminal investigations. This story was my biggest struggle because my original plan fell through right before break. I had to stop, think, and strategize on how to start from scratch and NOT miss a deadline. I truly became a journalist in that moment.

Click here to view my news story on my final assignments.

It’s bittersweet that this semester has flown by and that I have completed eight assignments. I’ve struggled, laughed, and rejoiced in this class and I want to take all those moments and all those lessons and continue building myself up as a multimedia reporter!

So whats my advice for you? Branch out your comfort zone! Take risk! Understand a few break downs will happen, but you will rejoice when you’ve completed something amazing with your creative skills. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to take different routes. This is the time you can mess up and fix your mistakes without being penalized. Get out, be passionate, be empowered, and be a multimedia reporter!

Oh yea and this..



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