From Traditional to Modern

The distance between newspaper and multimedia


Surprise is everywhere!

It is hard to believe that this semester is almost past, and I already finished seven assignments and one final real news story.

I took this multimedia reporting with zero experience, because I was paying more attention to the newspaper stuff. Newspaper always focuses on words, layout and the best shots, and it always takes time to publish; however, multimedia reporting is based on modern technologies. It shows much more than newspapers, as well as faster and up-dated. I had never thought that I could report news in so many ways. I would like to say surprise is everywhere at any time, we have to catch the moment with whatever we have—and that is multimedia journalism!



Starbucks on Green Street

Assignment 1 is the first shooting assignment I had ever had, which is pretty simple to do and choose whatever you want. Then, I just started walking around the campus and getting familiar with my video camera. After shooting various types of photos and videos, you will start to begin to editing.



Homemade Mooncake

Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 are combinations: one is using photos to tell a story, the other is using photos with audio to make the same story but different in effect. I think these two assignments are the comparison of the differences between traditional newspaper and modern multimedia, which shows the emotions could not be expressed by the traditional newspaper. I chose the Mid-Autumn Festival as my topic for these assignments. I took the pictures of my friends were preparing for the meal, talking and eating together, as well as recorded the sounds at the same time. And it shows that the photos with audio are much more vivid than the photos themselves.


Happy Camping Day!

Assignment 4 is the first video storytelling project. I shot the camping with my friends on Friday and Saturday. After doing this, I found out that the most important thing of video storytelling is to have a clear straight story line and shows how the story going. I think I failed this assignment, because I shot parts of everything, and cannot put those pieces together as a whole. If you are not good at video shooting, I suggest you to think ahead what you want before you start and keep your story be organized.


Chinese Lucky Knot

Assignment 5 is the how-to piece, which I think is the easiest one. The topic is simply choosing how to make whatever you want. I chose to show how to make a Chinese traditional knot after I heard that many of my classmates were going to make some foods. I believe sometime using words to describe how to do something is pell-mell. It will be really wordy to describe everything there. Instead of finding someone teach you that face-to-face, the modern media helps a lot. Before this assignment, I thought this kind of video only belonged to entertainment or education, I had never think about it could be news resources to spread information as well. So I am pretty sure that you guys will enjoy this assignment a lot!


Club for Sleepless Wheels!

Assignment 6 is an audio package, which is the real broadcast news reporting. This is my first time to hear my own voice through a recorder and the computer as well, and I felt really nervous and really unconfident of my pronunciations of every single word. It came out my voice was really weak. So my suggestion to this assignment is the same as Professor XXXXX told me that to be CONFIDENT! I believe this helps even working as a real journalist. As a journalist, you know that what you are talking about is the truth, because you have confirmed them with various sources for several times. So TRUST yourself, then, you can make it.


The Brochures from Woman Resource Center

Assignment 7 is an advanced audio project, as well as part of the final story. My big topic for final story is “domestic abuse on campus,” then I focus on the people who work on campus. Domestic abuse is really a private topic, and it is a kind of hard to find someone to talk with or someone would like to talk about it. Thus, my group member Elise and I went through more than ten plans to find the right person. And my audio package for this have two subject: one professor that gave a presentation about her research project on sexual assault, which is part of domestic abuse; the other is just a random person, because I just want to have an outsider view of this topic, and I did not ask this person academic questions.


University Police Department

Assignment 8 is the full video package for the final story as well. I would like to say that I felt more confident after finished two audio recordings. I interviewed three different people, and one of them is Captain Roy Acree. I believe the best way to set up an interview is either call them or just walk in, because everyone gets hundreds of emails each day, it is a waste of time for journalists to just wait there and do nothing! Also, keep in mind: not everyone is okay with video shooting projects! So my suggestion for this one is try your best to apply everything you have learned through this semester, do it seriously, and plan AHEAD!

 HERE is the link to my final story: Face Domestic Abuse in Academia

The last is not the least, I wish all of you could enjoy multimedia reporting and the life as GEARHEAD!!!  ; )


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