Assignment 1 Musolf


From below the McFarland Carillon

The first day of Journalism 215, I’ll be honest, I was terrified. I have little to no experience with things like this. I have a smart phone and have used iMovie about once. After reading Joseph Gelman’s blog from last semester, I found that I was not alone. Gelman was also nervous and unfamiliar. His blog, found here, showed his similar apprehensions.

I went home to film and complete my assignment. I pulled everything out of the bag and wanted to try the tripod. Professor Collins mentioned multiple times to make sure that the connection piece from the camera to the tripod stand was present, without it we would’t be able to use it. Of course, I had not checked and I was missing the connector. I was so angry at myself. After a double and triple check and a google search I realized it was already connected to the tripod. I may have wasted time but at least I had the piece.

As far as the camera goes I think its filming and photo capabilities are great. There’s some fun filters and effects I have yet to try. I don’t like that in order to take a photo you must tap the touch screen. I feel like it causes me to move the camera and possibly affect my shot. Otherwise I enjoy the equipment.

In terms of editing Adobe Premiere is pretty easy to figure out, the basics at least. There is a lot of room for customization that I have yet to explore. I have faith in myself to complete to basics easily though. I had some trouble with the transitions, but once I exported my video everything had fixed itself. Today alone I have learned just try it out because you never know some weird way that can fix a problem.

So through all the different trials and experiments I created a final product that can be seen here.

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