Assignment 1 Fortin



After completing the first assignment the biggest thing that I realized is that I have so, so much to learn about multimedia. I went into the project thinking that an assignment based around getting to know my camera would be extremely easy. In short, it wasn’t. Instead, the assignment was challenging, yet fun and informative at the same time. At the end of it all I came out with a better understanding of the camera I will be using for the rest of the semester, a better understanding of the video editing software and a better understanding of how to do multimedia journalism. I also took some pretty cool photos, like the one above, and I made a pretty cool video too.

I constantly found myself shooting and reshooting the same photos and videos over and over again. I’d think that my last photo was shaky or that I didn’t add enough padding on the end of the last video clip and I would reshoot. I also realized that while the directions turned out to be incredibly straightforward that I found myself second guessing what was meant by a certain phrase in the directions.

Specifically I found it hard to figure out how long the pauses should be in between my shots and how long my shots should be in general. I realized that shots that were supposed to be five seconds on the shot sheet actually turned out to be closer to ten seconds with the padding. I also realized that shots that had multiple movements were even more difficult to get right. I eventually settled on having longer pauses between each movement so that I knew beyond a fraction of a doubt that my videos would work well and I wouldn’t have any problems with my videos being so short.

This project wasn’t all just second guessing myself though. As Taylor Rooks said on her first assignment reflection “I really learned a great deal from this assignment. Even simple things like getting a wide, medium, and tight shot really showed me what this camera can do.” As a result of doing this assignment I realized just how cool the cameras we will be working with are. I actually had a lot of fun exploring all of the features, buttons and settings on the camera.

At the end of the day I thought that I came in with some pretty good shots and video clips to work into a movie of sorts.

While Adobe Premiere seemed extremely complicated at first I soon realized that if I went slow and looked at all of the little features that it was pretty self explanatory. The biggest thing that I had trouble with was adding transitions but after adding them to my drop down menu that turned out to be easy too. All in all, this project was challenging but rewarding and it gave me a good idea as to what the rest of the semester will be like.


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