Assignment 1 Chun

Day shot of the quad

Day shot of the quad

For our first assignment in JOUR215, we had to get to know our cameras and equipment. I thought that it would be a relatively easy and straightforward assignment, yet as I began shooting I realized it was a pretty difficult. You can view my project here.

When I first started fiddling with my camera, I couldn’t figure out how to take a photo for about ten minutes. I eventually realized that the display screen was actually a touch screen and that i merely had to press the word “photo” on the screen. Once I figured out how to take pictures, my next challenge was with focusing the image. I found that the touch screen made focusing a challenge because it would auto focus every time my finger bumped the screen. Once I got the hang of focusing, taking the pictures was easy.

While out shooting, my biggest surprise/struggle was keeping the camera steady. I didn’t realize how sensitive the camera was to any little movement I made. When trying to take the textured shots, I was especially shaky. It took me multiple attempts on those close up shots, but I would eventually get a shot that I liked.

Much like Ralph Cooper, the former student whose bio I read, the editing process was the most frustrating for me. Premier Pro seemed so complex when I first opened it because of all the different sections and tabs you work with. I had a hard time importing media and configuring transitions at first, but with the help of a few of my classmates I got the hang of things. Once I learned how to work the program, it actually was kind of fun slicing clips and lining them up. In the end, I was very happy with the way my project turned out.

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