Ohmer Assignment 1: Learning the Equipment

What comes to my mind when I think about the University of Illinois.

What comes to my mind when I think about the University of Illinois.

Before coming into Journalism 215, I felt pretty comfortable with my capabilities in multimedia. I have previously taken courses in high school and college that have advanced my skills in this aspect of journalism, so I did not feel too nervous at first. However, like most of my classes, when I saw the syllabus, read about all the assignments, and came to class for the first day, I became sort of anxious about all of the work that I had to look forward to. After taking a deep breath and relaxing for a little, I was able to refocus my attention on what mattered most: learning and improving. No matter how difficult or challenging things could get in this class, as long as I try my best and put in the maximum amount of effort, I am sure that I will leave the classroom with valuable experiences for the future. 

Similar to previous student Mia Reggi, I could really see myself getting used to carrying a camera around with me for most of my days. Like she stressed in her blog, having a camera makes me more aware of my surroundings and more appreciative of the beauty in the world. I will definitely enjoy practicing with this piece of technology and broadening my knowledge within the technical aspects of the journalism field.

For Assignment 1, although the assignment looked pretty simple on paper, I made it a lot harder and stressful than it had to be! To begin, assimilating myself to a new camera took a while to get used to since the style and presentation is not similar to the personal camera I own. Once I got over this hump, I struggled to be happy with the shots and video that I was producing. For some reason, the creative side that usually takes over me when I work on journalism material was not present! I found that it was taking me a lot longer than I expected to take quality images that I was proud to call mine.

Eventually, I was able to settle myself down a little bit and really focus on the basics. I broke down every number within the assignment, making sure that I got every shot or piece of video required, and I slowly started working my way down a checklist that got smaller and smaller. Seeing this visual definitely assisted me because without crossing out anything from 1-10, the list continued to look daunting and made me even more stressed out. When I finally started to check off the numbers that I could complete easily, the list became less intimidating and my overall morale slowly came back! Ultimately, I was able to work my way through the checklist and finish the project in plenty of time to make any changes if I needed to.

Overall, I learned that this class is not going to be a breeze. If I let time and assignments creep up on me, the stress or anxiety that I faced in Assignment 1 may only continue to grow in later portions of the class. With this in mind, I will stay ahead on all of my work in this class and continue to ask questions throughout the time if I am struggling with something. Similar to Mia, it is a huge relief to have Assignment 1 complete and under my belt. Now, I have even more assignments to look forward to and even more opportunities to learn and improve as a journalist!

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