Getting to know our new equipment

Before this assignment, I assumed all cameras were made equally.

Day shotBut I was wrong. I own a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera, a somewhat amateur device, and I shoot recreationally, focusing most of my time on still photography. I don’t have any experience with shooting videos, however, so I was excited that, for this assignment, I would be getting the opportunity to try out some new equipment made specifically for shooting videos.

For this class, Canon Vixia Hf R500 camcorders are used. I found that, though this device is exceptional at taking videos, I wasn’t too pleased with how the photos come out, mainly because the camcorder is equipped with a touch screen and that is where the “shoot photo button” is located. I think the placement of this button makes it hard for anyone using the camera to shoot a focused picture. When I tried to take my photos, I noticed how difficult it was to actually touch that specific button. Most of the time, my focus would instead shift to the lower-left-hand corner, where that button is located. Therefore, for this assignment, a lot of my photos are out of focus.

Elise Feltman, whose JOUR215 blogs from the fall 2014 semester were assigned for me to read, also faced a similar problem, but with videos. In her blog reflecting on assignment one, Feltman said she had “a few parts of the videos that could have been focused better.”

For me, besides the out-of-focus pictures, this experience was really fun. I got a change to explore some new parts of Chicago, a city that I love, and I got an opportunity to practice taking videos, something I haven’t done much of.

That inexperience definitely shows in my final product. The videos are shaky, and it’s easy to tell that I had trouble zooming in and out steadily. I hope that, by the end of this class, I will no longer consider myself an inexperienced videographer.

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