Assignment 1 Gibson Reflection

Assignment one was both a career defining and thought provoking project for me. After reading Lauren’s blog on the assignment I learned that I would know all the basic fundamentals of video recording and editing on a deadline. While she enjoyed the project and learned a great deal from it, it also helped her to see the true essence of the class and what she truly enjoyed doing. The same goes for me.

I’ve been working as a journalist since my junior year in high school. I began by simply writing articles for my high school paper, The Beacon, and eventually worked my way to becoming the Features Editor. I thought reporting would be life aspiration, to be the eyes and ears for the public. It was after taking a creative writing class, however, that I realized my passions dwell within other professions as well. I realized that I had a love for script writing, creating characters, and placing people in different worlds that they can relate to. I decided, besides newspaper articles being factual, I could somehow find a way to combine the two. Isn’t journalism just a career field that allows you to glimpse into real life situations as they occur?

Now that I am a sophomore I have been able to see that screen writing and writing for dramatic television is my dream. Filming also falls within that category.

This assignment specifically allowed me to utilize basic equipment I would be using in that career field. It helped me realize that working behind the camera to get an image I envisioned just right is the way I ‘d love to go in life. Finding people to use for the assignment wasn’t difficult. I had a roommate and the outdoors a few steps away. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile and move from your seat to get things just right. I learned this after I was laying on the ground to get a shot of my roommate above me. This may be the first assignment, but it was also one of the first tasks that showed me I was really going towards what I will love to do career wise. Let’s see what’s next for me!

You can view my project here

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