After my first multimedia project I faced a few challenges! I did not anticipate the project to be as complicated as it was. I came into this class with very little experience and thought I would be the only one. I see a lot of people are learning as well and that has put me at ease. After reading Shaq’s experience, which you can find here, I knew it was important to get use to operating the camera and all equipment. I found that part to be challenging because I had never used all this equipment before. I think the most complex part is the editing on adobe. It seemed to get easier, but only practice will make it come easily. Adobe has a lot of different editing tools available so it will take some time to learn them all. Shaq also made a great point about having all her ideas together, it was just a matter of filming them properly. I felt the same way. I think I have good ideas about what to shoot. I sometimes struggled with angles or positioning the camera correctly. Saving the video and uploading to youtube seems to be the easiest part…and it took me 3 tries! I am a bit overwhelmed and stressed, but I know this will all get easier once I get comfortable with everything. I’m looking forward to the next project where I can try getting more creative with the photos/videos.

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