Assignment 2 Lerner

Green Street construction

Green Street construction

Assignment 2 was a really cool experience for me. The idea of having a theme to our photos seemed a bit abstract when I first heard it, but it made me look at my surroundings differently which is a huge part of being a journalist and finding stories. While walking down Green Street to go get a hair cut, my eyes seemed to latch onto the absurd amount of construction going on just within a few block of campus. So I went back the next day with my camera and took some shots construction and newly built buildings that clearly like different than other parts of the Campus Town area. Although I liked the construction theme, it felt like it could have been a bit more visually appealing, which is where I came up with the idea for contrasting shots of nature. I thought it made for an appealing back and forth between shots, and more visually interesting as well. Here’s the work I put together for assignment 2!

Overall, I’m pretty proud of the final outcome of my second assignment in multimedia. I’ve done a bit of video work in the past, but my experience with photography is nothing more than snapping pictures here and there with my cell phone. The best take away I think I’ll have from this assignment, however, is the way it began to change my way of looking at things I would never think twice about before. Construction usually seems like such a mundane thing, but noticing its gigantic impact and ways to make it look powerful and interesting in photos was a good experience. Although I was proud of my first ever real work with photos and the theme I was able to create, there were definitely still things I could have done better. Some of my photos could have been framed better and maybe taken from better/different angles also. I like being able to recognize these things though because it shows to myself that I’m getting better from project to project. I also felt more confident in the editing process and remembered how to do many of the basics we learned from working on assignment 1.

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