A Sunday at the Daily Illini

Assistant Sports Editor Michal Dwojak concentrates on the story he is editing.

Assistant Sports Editor Michal Dwojak concentrates on the story he is editing.

What scared me the most about this assignment was the thought of finding powerful images. I’m first few plans fell though, plans that I was sure were going to give me some emotion evoking images.

At first I was going to shoot my friend’s Birthday dinner. Here I envisioned the emotion of her surprised face, the smiles of friends having fun. Unfortunately the birthday girl got the flu. On to Plan B.

It was a Saturday night, so I figured I could take pictures of some of the girls in my house getting ready for a night out. My photos would be of girls curling each other’s hair and picking out clothes. They would laugh and squint. It was going to be adorable.

My subjects were vocally against Plan B.  On to Plan C.

I spend what is probably an unhealthy amount of time at the Daily Illini, so it was going to be a convenient plan.

For a media studio, the Daily Illini office is not very well suited for photographing. It’s a mess and the lighting was terrible, which is way some of my images are fuzzy and out of focus.

It can also be a very intense atmosphere, so I was able to get the happy, positive, emotional photos I was hoping for. That being said, I do think some of my photos of the editors and reporters concentrating show how hard their jobs can be.

My photography skills are still rough around the edges, but I feel like I am more careful with framing. It’s still not very good, but I’m glad that it has improved a little bit. I want to make sure I have more opportunities to play around outside of class and find my style and raise my skill.

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