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Hello again people of the internet,

It’s Nick back with another reflection on an assignment I’ve completed for Journalism 215. This time instead of learning how to use our camera we took the next step and made a photo essay. While I certainly found it harder to come up with “powerful” images, the editing process turned out to be easier the second time around and I made what I find to be a pretty cool video as a result.

I decided to use the phrase “my walk to class” as the theme of my photo essay because I felt that I could find some powerful images on the streets of Champaign while I was walking to class. On my walk I took pictures of everything from street signs to buildings all while slowly losing feeling in my hands because of the cold. While I thought my pictures turned out well, it did take quite a long time for my hands to warm up again. Now I know that a key part of multimedia is being prepared for the elements. As a result of this project I also found out that even if you have a good idea for where to get a certain kind of image it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the images you’re looking for. Even though I thought I could find powerful images while on my walk the search for said images turned out to be harder than I had thought.

While I encountered some problems shooting pictures for my project, the editing process for my second assignment was a breeze. In under 30 minutes I had imported, edited and exported my project and I felt as if I had done a pretty good job with it. After struggling with Adobe Premier the first time around, the editing project seemed incredibly intuitive the second time around.

All in all I feel that the second assignment was much easier than the first and yet I still learned some things in the process. Hopefully the next project will teach me even more things about multimedia while being more intuitive than the last.


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