Ohmer Assignment 2: Exploring the Quad

A photo from under the McFarland Carillon

A photo from under the McFarland Carillon

I was more optimistic coming into Assignment 2 than I was for Assignment 1. The struggles and stress of Assignment 1 were behind me, and I was getting ready to tackle the next challenge. At first, I thought that everything would be smooth sailing, but when I went out in the field to shoot for the assignment, it seemed like everything I did could not go right. After dealing with numerous difficulties, I kept my head in the right place and stayed determined to finish the assignment. When it was all said and done, I was happy with the work that I produced.

I shot for Assignment 2 on a sunny afternoon after some fresh powder fell on the ground. I thought that the sunny setting matched with the bright, white ground set the tone for quality pictures, so I woke up early to battle the cold and get some good shots!

The biggest challenge was by far dealing with my camera in the cold conditions. At first, I tried to take all of my shots with gloves on, but after taking a couple photos and not being too pleased with the results, I had to take the gloves off and really focus in on getting the best shot possible. The first obstacle I had to overcome was taking the photos with bare, cold hands.

Another obstacle I encountered was finding enough subject matter for my shots. Going into the assignment, I knew that I had some shots in mind, but as soon as I pushed all the easy ones out of the way, I really had to dig and look for pictures that I could find around myself. I really had to put on my artistic cap at this point and literally move all around potential subjects for a quality image. After much patience, I was able to find quality subjects that I could focus on for my remaining photos.

In hindsight, I am happy that I chose to take my photos on subjects or images around the quad. At first, I thought that I wanted to do this assignment on my birthday, which was this past weekend. I was a little disappointed in myself for not carrying my camera with me for dinner, presents, and for any other excitement throughout the day, but I was thankful that the quad presented me with wonderful scenery and background when I went out to shoot. Even though I didn’t capture some moments of my birthday for the assignment, I was very happy with the still, nature shots that I took around the quad.

When editing my photos together into one video, I decided to organize my photos in a way that best transitioned between wide, medium, and tight shots to keep the styles varying throughout the piece. I started my title page off with a faded image of the quad in the background to set the tone for the video. I also included transitions between every shot because I felt that that was the smoothest way to move from picture to picture. I dispersed my “powerful” images throughout my piece, and I also tried to make every picture worthwhile and significant.

Overall, Assignment 2 was more challenging than Assignment 1, but I definitely feel that my artistic eye was improved by working on this assignment. By having to look for the best of the best shots and moving all around the field of shooting, I gained a lot of experience with taking a variety of shots from all sorts of distances and angles. Ultimately, I was pleased with the photos that I produced, and although it was tough to decide between which photos I wanted to choose for this assignment, I am glad that I took more than less.

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