Assignment #2 Cohen Reflection



I’m already improving…I think! Assignment 2 was much easier than assignment 1. I feel a lot more comfortable with the camera and the ability to hold the camera steady while shooting video and pictures. I liked that in this assignment we were told to have our pictures follow a logical flow. Creating a story seemed to come a lot easier than just finding a handful of random shots to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

The editing seemed to come easy as well. Although we didn’t have to edit any film I got to explore more of the adobe premiere qualities. I tried to use different effects than on my first assignment. I played around and saw which dips and dissolves flowed best between my pictures. I tried dip to white and I really like the way it looks in my project, which you can find here. This effect seemed to represent a transition in time, which I liked because I was able to convey my message of filming day-night without needing a specific picture. The effect did it for me.


I tried to create a sequence of day to night photos. I tried to show all aspects of a day in this project. I included day and night time photos, as well as ice and snow to show the temperature and conditions I was shooting in. All in all, this assignment was more enjoyable than the first because I am becoming more comfortable with all the equipment. I’m looking forward to putting sound into the next assignment.

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