Assignment 2 Gibson Reflection


I specifically liked completing this project because it allowed me to test out what I learned from the first assignment. I was listening to this song by The Shins called “Simple Song” and it made me think of waking up and just getting through my day in a way that would impact others somehow. With that in mind, I decided to capture every day moments from waking up to going to class to ending the day with just staring at the night sky as it fades to black.

Capturing the morning shots was the easiest. With the amount of sunlight in my apartment it was easy to capture the yellow of a Cheerios box and the blue haze of an early morning in the living room. I specifically liked taking these pictures because I thought they captured the simplicity of morning. I kept trying to take a picture of the coffee machine I was using and it blurred constantly. It annoyed me at first, but I used the tripod to capture the image as best as I could.

As the day continued (and it got even colder), I was able to go to the rooftops of an apartment and capture the entire campus. That shot in my opinion captured the silence of campus in the cold afternoon.

Shooting at night was my favorite. A picture of my friend shows darkness on face, but i captured the fading sun in the background. As twilight approached the pictures just got better and, though I was freezing, it was great to get that image.

You can view it here

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