Coffee Shop Hangs

IMG_1454I took the opportunity to complete my second project in the company of one of my friends from back home. We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks, so we went to one of our favorite local coffee shops: Common Grounds.

Common Grounds has been one of our staple places to hang out since high school. So, I was very comfortable taking photos while we were there. I was having some issues taking a variety of photos though. For some reason, I have it in my head that a good photo is a textured shot. That being said, I had the tendency to take very close shots this time around.

The main issue I encountered was working with the video recorder. Once again, I am technologically starved, and I had never used a recorder… correctly that is. I had a hard time realizing whether or not how to save the audio and hear it. After I got home, I fiddled with it some more though, and realized that the recordings were there but under a different date. Changing the date solved everything.

I thought this project was a lot easier than the second, since I didn’t have to do video.

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