Ohmer Assignment 3: Exploring the Quad (With Audio)


Up in the Bell Tower of Altgeld Hall

To say the least, I was relieved when I heard that Assignment Three did not require us to go out into the field to do any work, but rather just enhance what we already created in Assignment Two by adding natural sound. Knowing this, I was pretty positive when I came into this assignment because I already had almost half of it complete!

I really enjoyed working with sound for Assignment Three. To begin, I feel that the sound definitely added to my project and made the pictures and scenery that I created in my images feel much more real. Upon replaying my video with the sound, I was taken back to the locations where I took my photographs, a feeling that I was not able to get with just the still shots. Furthermore, I felt that the images were much more powerful with the sound in the background, which made the overall presentation aesthetically pleasing.

I did not have too much conflict working on Assignment Three. The most difficult bridge I had to cross was figuring out a way to balance my audio levels and keep them consistent throughout the whole piece. Whether I stacked my audio files or just adjusted the levels themselves, I feel that I found a way to effectively place my natural sound in the background of the story to enhance the experience of viewing the still images. At times, it was tough to work with the wind in the background of my shots, but I really tried to make sure that when it got windy, it was not too loud or distracting in the story, but rather at a nice level to where the point of it being a windier day still got across.

Overall, Assignment Three was fun! It was really cool for me to see my story develop from Assignment Two. When looking back at my video, a couple of images really had a stronger impact on me with the sound in the background. For example, the bell image in Altgeld was really powerful to see when the bells were playing in the background. Also, the photograph of Lincoln was interesting as well because I was able to capture some students as they walked in the hallway and conversed, really sending me back to being in the building and taking the shot! Ultimately, I definitely favor viewing images with sound in the background as opposed to it being silent. I believe that sound adds a certain quality to images that truly leave a lasting impact.

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