Fuzzy Therapy Reflection Ogrodnik


Azula the hamster reaches for her carrot with determination.

I’m back again, and this time with sound! Have you ever heard the “cooing” sound a guinea pig makes when you pet its bottom? If not, then you’re going to enjoy my latest video. If you have, then you’re going to enjoy it anyway because it’s just so darn cute to hear. 

For this assignment, we had to take our previous video that was just a bunch of pictures and add sound to it. You see, when we first shot took those pictures, we had to hold our recorders up to the subject to capture the nat sound too. Now, we had to compile them together so that the viewer hears the audio as the pictures scroll by.

In my previous post that I so rapidly wrote, I mentioned that I was going to discuss the difficulties I had with this project. Well, get comfortable because I had a few problems.

Finding the subjects and taking their pictures was not hard at all, except for the fact that those little furballs did not want to sit still for their photo shoot. No, the real problem was with the recorder. Whoever owned my recorder last time forgot to replace the batteries. After my friend so graciously offered some new ones, I discovered that the previous owner also “forgot” to put the memory card back. (I say “forgot” because I’m convinced that person stole it just to make my life a bit more difficult.)

Long story short, I didn’t have a memory card so I couldn’t capture the sound at the same time as the photos. At first, I had to improvise and use my camera’s card which ended up being formatted. Luckily, I was smart this time and had already backed up my photos and videos onto my computer, so I didn’t lose anything! (WHEW!) Later, after numerous attempts to see the IT guy (who was ALWAYS at a meeting) for a new card, I finally got a replacement, so I won’t be having that problem anymore!

My other problem was with exporting and uploading my video. I don’t even remember what was wrong, but Professor Collins was able to find a workaround by turning the video into an MP3 file or something, which ended up working. Hopefully, I won’t run into that problem anytime soon. Hopefully.

Remember, this was all for my second assignment, which was just the photos. This assignment actually went really smooth. I found the right audio and plugged it in to match the pictures. I was able to decrease the pitch on a certain part when the hamster ran into the mic. I think the transitions I used worked nicely.

All in all, I guess this assignment went pretty good! We’ll see…

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