Rise and Shine, Darling – Assignment 3 Gibson


With two assignments down, I was ready to take on the next task for the class. This time around I was asked to add audio to the photo essay I had created in Assignment 2. I was more than ready this time.

After my last assignment was shown in class, I realized that there could have been more transitions added to show the gradual change in day. I wanted my audio to make up for the transitions I forgot to include and to gradually tell the story of waking up and going through a day on campus. Step one was making sure all of my audio would do just that.

Most of my audio recordings were longer than the duration of the photo because I wanted to capture everything happening in that moment. I had to choose which parts to edit out and which parts to keep within the time frame. A lot of my morning audio clips had the sounds of my friends and roommates or the ticking sound of the the microwave and refrigerator opening. For some photos I decided to keep one sound and for others, another sound within the room. it was tricky editing them down to fit in the time frame and also making sure I didn’t cut out something that would add more to my scene such as people walking by talking or a wooshing sound of a car going by too fast. Little sounds like that brought the picture to life and I was actually able to see the magic behind it.

I was able to see that there are noises buzzing around everywhere. From a friend’s laughter to the bells chiming on campus to the soft noises of a few cars driving by, it was easy to see that each picture, even the ones that felt silent in my mind, ¬†all have background noise telling an even better story.

I struggled with editing the audio at first, but after going to plan B and simply asking my friends what they think or how to do a step, I was able to complete the project in a way that made me proud.

This is only one of the first steps in the path that lead to me becoming an expert at multimedia reporting. But for now, I’ll take it. You can see my assignment here.

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