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Creative Director Anna Hecht concentrates during a meeting at The Daily Illini

Creative Director Anna Hecht (left) concentrates during a meeting at The Daily Illini

I really learned a lot from doing this part of our project, and not everything I learned was about multimedia. 

That probably doesn’t sound quite right. I learned a lot about multimedia and audio. I think the product that I got during assignment three added a significant amount of emotion to my project that my assignment two did not have.

I think the addition of the sound showed the commotion but the overall focus of the newsroom and edits. Editors are asking question, reporters are joking around but at the end of the day they need to make serious decisions. I think a lot of my audio reflected that.

That being said, my clips were far from perfect.

I found out that I need to be closer to my subjects as a lot of my audio is far too quiet. I also found out that I need to turn down the volume on my camcorder because I can hear the beep when the photo is taken.

As much as I’m disappointed that my audio wasn’t the best, I’m not too broken up about it as I have literally no experience in this area. I think I set a good base to work off of in the future.

Now I know I said in my introduction that I learned more about multimedia from this project, so I guess I should probably explain that.

When I finished with the final product, I showed my uploaded video to my friend Kelsey. Kelsey is a nuclear engineering major and really doesn’t know much about the news or journalism.

Her comments (other than telling me how good it was because Kelsey is nice like that) was that newsrooms sound exciting. Being at the DI every day can sometimes make you forget how special that opportunity is and how few people can make their own newspaper and website like we do.

Listening to the audio again, I can hear the electricity of the newsroom. I’m glad this assignment brought that back for me.

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