The Alma Mater in winter. | Taken by Nicholas Fortin

  In all honesty I thought that assignment 3 would be the easiest assignment yet. In short, I was very, very wrong. I thought that since I had already compiled my photos in assignment 2 that adding audio to the photo essay would be a walk in the park. After finding it fairly easy to import all of my audio files I ran into my first problem. I would put an audio file into the timeline but it wouldn’t play back any sound. I checked and rechecked all of the sound settings on the computer and still couldn’t get it to play back. Luckily, I was assisted by a fellow student in the lab who knew that to get the audio to play back you had to change the audio settings in Adobe Premiere. I thanked said student and went on my way to completing my project.

After getting about halfway through with putting my trimmed audio in the timeline I ran into my second problem with the project. I realized that since most of my project had been shot outside that all almost all of my audio sounded exactly the same. To fix this problem I scoured the entirety of my audio clips looking for different sounds to make my project stand out. While there’s still some natural sound of cars passing or the wind blowing I feel as if I was able to find enough differing audio clips to make my project work.

After exporting my project without any problems I ran into my third, and final, problem after uploading the video to YouTube. While everything seemed fine once I had finished uploading the project, I realized that when playing the project back on the computer’s speakers I heard static instead of my audio. This turned out to be a minor problem though, because after pulling up the video on my phone I realized it was the computer’s speakers and not my video that had made the audio sound bad.

While I ran into the most problems I’ve had out of the three projects on this project I would still say that I found this project to be the most informative yet. Since we had to work on the project on our own time I learned how to be more self sufficient in Adobe Premiere. I also learned that while a project may look easy at the start I should never devalue the difficulty of a project. Finally I realized that I need to be more cognizant of the type of audio I am collecting to go with the visual aspect of my stories so that the audio can be as different and powerful as the photos or videos are. While It may seem as if I only came away from this project with negative realizations, I also left assignment three with a pretty cool video and an even better understanding of both Multimedia journalism and Adobe Premiere than I had after assignment 2.

Hopefully assignment 4 brings more realizations, a better understanding of both the class and the technology we are using in it and another video I can say that I’m proud of.





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  1. Bradley, Logan Miller


    I think there’s no doubt that many of us had the same thoughts about the project at first and learned that it was the exact opposite. I realized that adding audio to a video is way more difficult than just adding pictures and video. As you said however, I think it taught myself and obviously everyone else a valuable lesson in getting more comfortable with the software. I also realize after reading your reflection how important it is to be able to help each other out and give each other advice on which things worked, and which things didn’t regarding our projects. Like you, I’m hoping assignment four brings more clarity of the technology we’re using in class!

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