Contrasting Construction Lerner- Assignment 3

campus arboretum walk-way entrance

campus arboretum walk-way entrance

I titled my third assignment for multimedia, contrasting construction because of the alternating photos between shots of construction on campus and shots of nature. For this assignment, the editing process was minimal because we just had to put our audio in with our already completed photo essay. It did seem to be a good introduction into editing audio though, because I still used audio transitions and had to line up the audio clips exactly with the photos they were taken with. Overall, I think contrasting construction turned out well, check it out here!

I think my third assignment turned out well because the audio sounded fine and was matched up with the photos well, but I had a different feeling upon its conclusion than I had expected. After reading my assigned blog, done by Carl Rosenberg, I expected to feel similarly to how he did about the differences between the photo essay and then that same photo essay with sound.   He expressed enjoying his project a lot more when natural sound was added. This made sense to me considering the sound would seem to make the whole experience of viewing the photos seem more authentic and add to the feeling of actually being wherever the photos were taken.

I also expected mine to turn out extra well with audio because of what the class talked about when critiquing my photo essay. My classmates agreed when Professor Collins said it seemed as if you could almost hear the sounds of birds chirping in the photos of nature and of loud drilling or hammering during the construction photos. These were the sounds I expected to have in my project, but that simply isn’t how it turned out. I didn’t have much of any noise when taking photos out in nature and just had noises of cars or people passing on the streets with the construction shots. This doesn’t mean I did anything wrong, it just means the photos didn’t add to the experience like I had hoped and foreseen that they would. I also found it interesting to realize in retrospect that I really wasn’t paying attention to the sound around me when taking the photos initially because I was so wrapped up in the subjects of the photos.

Assignment 3 was once again a good experience and definitely will cause me to pay much more attention to the sound around me when shooting photos or even video in the future.

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